Why Threat Defender?

6+ benefits for you

In today’s network, every device is a security risk to every other device. The behavior of devices is unknown and a lot of blind spots cannot be defined in one’s network. These problematic circumstances lead to uncertainty which have to be dealt with every day.

After many years of working in the IT security sector, cognitix realized that the current network security products in the market do not address the real needs and pains of users. Cognitix wants to improve this situation by offering integrated network security, network intelligence and network analytics solutions. With our product you gain insight to unknown networks and reclaim control over them.

Threat Defender is a layer 2 firewall with next-generation features. It provides efficient, fast, and user-friendly reporting of traffic happening in your network. With individual policies to block external threats, you can also protect your network from within.

We focus on the fundamental features and functionalities needed to analyze your network, identify threats and protect your network:

Layer 2 Integration

Threat Defender can be easily installed on layer 2 – no change of IP addresses, no new routers, no new VLANs needed.

Advanced Reporting

Our reporting system enables you to gain real-time visibility into all protocols, applications, IPS events, URL categories, and much more.

High Performance

Leveraging high-quality software components enables us to deliver high speed data processing on standard hardware components.

Real-Time Inline Correlation

Our correlation engine detects many isolated events and puts them together to create one relevant security incident which can then be blocked.

Dynamic Network Segmentation

It is possible to categorize your devices into various working groups, manager roles or special projects based on different attributes.

IPFIX Generator 

Threat Defender enriches the conventional IPFIX with detected applications and protocols.

Application Detection

Threat Defender is able to detect and classify hundreds of protocols and thousands of applications at wire speed.

Deploy Anywhere

From virtual machines to Atom-based systems to high-end servers, deploy Threat Defender where it is needed.

Intrusion Prevention

Cognitix Threat Defender uses inline intrusion prevention to block attacks right when they occur.