Introducing cognitix Threat Defender

cognitix Threat Defender is a layer 2 network protection software with a comprehensive reporting system and an integrated policy creator to monitor, analyze and protect your network from within.

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Protecting your network from within

cognitix Threat Defender is an network protecting solution which can be easily integrated on layer 2. It secures your network not only from external, but also form internal threats. With the help of our advanced drill-down reporting system you get deep insights of what is happening inside your network. You are then able to detect blind

spots, analyze them and set rules to protect your network in future occurrences.
Threat Defender uses advanced technologies such as real-time inline correlation and dynamic network segmentation to detect and stop attacks before they unfold and cause major damage.

cognitix Threat Defender integrated on layer 2
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High Performance

High Performance

Our product solutions run with a high-performance rate and great stability. Threat Defender does not affect any of your other device performances, so you won’t recognize any changes in your working environment.

Clear Visualization

Clear Visualization

cognitix Threat Defender has a plain interface and a clear, well-structured menu based on a HTML5. You easily get an overview of the software’s dashboard, because of its organized structure. Working with functions and features is intuitive and self-explanatory.

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy Anywhere

From virtual machines to Atom-based systems to high-end servers, deploy Threat Defender where it is needed. Any hardware can be used, there are only a few requirements which are needed.

Never Seen Before: Threat Defender

Never Seen Before

Threat Defender is implemented inside the network, unlike any other firewall, which is located at the perimeter. Another unique feature is the real-time inline correlation: Threat Defender is able to recognize behavior over a certain amount of time. Threats can then be detected and be combated.

Product Introduction

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