Current network security technologies are no longer capable of providing effective protection against the ever-increasing and ever-changing cyber threat landscape. The perimeter has become porous as most threats now use HTTP, HTTPS and various email protocols as vectors to enter the network. Next-generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems are no longer sufficient to detect and block threats from entering the network. The current generation of network security technologies can only protect against basic and outdated attacks. A new breed of radical new technologies is required to protect against advanced persistent threats and determined attackers.

cognitix has combined German engineering and innovation with decades of user and developer experience in network security to develop two totally new and radical technologies that have the potential to protect the network against the most advanced, insidious and persistent threats.

The two technologies used in the cognitix Threat Defender are inline real-time correlation and dynamic network segmentation.

Inline Real-Time Correlation

Today’s attacks on your network are hard to detect. Attackers try to hide in seemingly harmless communication to prevent detection by your next-generation firewall and other network security systems. The only way to detect the latest generation of cyber threats is to analyze the behavior of the network in depth. …

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Dynamic Network Segmentation

Traditional networks within a company are secured by segmenting the network into smaller physical segments, separated by defined perimeters. This is mainly because current firewalls can only operate at the perimeter between network segments. cognitix has overcome this limitation using the concept of enriched network objects.…

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Layer 2 Firewalling

Only protecting a network at the outer perimeter is no longer sufficient. Protection also needs to be implemented inside network. Taken to its logical conclusion, each device would have to get its own segment with a perimeter firewall. Some next-generation firewalls provide this functionality using a concept of zones. …

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Advanced Drill-Down Reporting

Most next-generation firewalls provide basic reporting of network statistics. This includes top ten lists, most visited URLs or IPs with the most traffic yesterday. A complete drill down from top to bottom is missing in almost all NGFWs. Today’s administrators and CISOs need to see who is doing what on their network. …

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