Get Started with Your Threat Defender

1. Find Hardware That Is Suitable for You

You are free to choose which hardware you use as the Threat Defender is a software-only product.

Only a few minimum requirements must be met.

Which hardware components suit your company best? It depends entirely on your needs!
We have put together some example configurations for you.

2. Download Your ISO File

After you submitted the request form, we will send an email with the URL of the download page and further instructions.

Then, download the ISO file.

3. Install Threat Defender on Your Hardware

You need an installable image to get the Threat Defender on your hardware. For instructions how to prepare your USB flash drive (2GB or more) using Linux and for installing the software, click here.

Please note: All data previously saved on the USB medium will be deleted!


4. Add Your License to the Threat Defender Menu

With your email “cognitix Threat Defender – Free Trial Installation“ we sent you a license code. Copy the license code and insert it as requested from the Threat Defender installation process.

In the end, the license information is displayed in the overview.

Now you are ready to start with adding network objects and defining rules. In case you’ll need help please send an email to

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