Central Management, Reporting and Analytics

Threat Central is a central management, reporting, log management, forensics and analytic platform for Threat Defender. It enables administrators to configure several hundred instances of Threat Defender in groups or individually.

The integrated real-time interactive reporting system with drill-down capability gives deep visibility into aggregated network-wide traffic or into individual traffic as seen by each individual Threat Defender.

The analysis features of Threat Central also allow to dig into logs from Threat Defender to analyze and understand the network behavior at an individual level beyond the predefined reporting system. Integrating proven solutions for threat intelligence and analytics, cognitix Threat Central is the one-stop solution for analyzing and reporting of network and threat behavior.

Unified Management, Reporting and Analysis

Unify network and data security management with Threat Central – on premises or via the cloud. With Threat Central you’ll lower the risk plus reduce cost and complexity of the security landscape.

Unified Management & Central Reporting Platform

Use the drag-and-drop dashboards to manage users, devices, data, and networks in one place.

Log Collection & Forensics

Explore logfiles through elastic search in the real-time interactive reporting system with drill-down capability.

Deep Network and Threat Analytics

Get powerful insights into your networks vulnerabilities with the real-time analysis tool.

Easy-to-use, intuitive data-rich interface to dig deep into threats and generate meaningful reports

Fully customizable platform to understanding how users behave in your environment and for detecting advanced persistent threats.