Pricing of Threat Defender

Please see below our pricing options for Threat Defender. Find the best solution for your business or contact our sales team for special inquiries.

Max throughput
1 GBit/s aggregated
Includes 1 month free trial
Max throughput
5 GBit/s aggregated
Includes 1 month free trial
More license sizes, volume licenses and individual offers available.
For individual offers please contact us directly
  • Inline Real-Time Correlation Engine
  • Dynamic Network Segementation
  • Deep-Dive Drill-Down Reporting System
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
  • Protocol and Application Classification
  • URL Categorization (18+ billion URLs)
  • All features enabled (complete list)


Hardware Requirements

Threat Defender is a software-only Next-Generation Firewall which is why it has to be installed on a dedicated hardware system. Please note that all data on the hardware system will be lost during the installation process. Also, DPDK-compatible network cards are required as Threat Defender only works on DPDK-enabled network cards. To check the system requirements, please see the detailed feature list. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support. Also, you can find further information on our support portal.

Help Us Make Threat Defender Better

Threat Defender is a new product and uses many new advanced technologies for the first time. Consequently, occasional bugs may occur. If you find a bug or any other issue, or if you have a new feature request, we would greatly appreciate it if you brought them to our attention via our support portal. We need your help to make Threat Defender a Next-Generation Firewall that solves your real pains and problems within the context of network security. The more you help us, the more Threat Defender will be able to help you protect your network.

Payment Terms

The billing process is completed with the help of the German company Billwerk, our payment and contract provider. Possible payment options are credit card and SEPA (ELV) for payments within Germany and Austria, and bank wire transfers (on invoice). If you have any questions about the sales process or if you want to order more than one or a special TD license, please contact our sales department.