Hidden threats in a network are what keeps administrators from sleeping well and no matter how good the network was designed, unexpected changes, new devices and everyday IT requirements introduce uncertainties and security risks into every network. To uncover the blind spots and hidden threats and restore the trust into the network, an administrator needs tools that enable him to gain in-depth visibility into the details of network, hosts and threats. The cognitix Threat Defender is a right tool for this task. But how can you trust a product that just hit the market? You have to test it for yourself. To further support your ever changing and increasing needs, we at cognitix are committed to a steady cycle of improvements and fixes for our product.

Today’s release is the first regular update for Threat Defender. Highlights of this version are:

  • The Data Leakage Prevention was extended so that you can now get matches on the contents of files as well as file types.
  • Custom URLs can now be used in firewall rules to allow or block access to these URLs per rule.
  • The drill-down reporting was extended to allow tracking from source IPs to destination IPs and to allow the tracking of domains for plain http traffic and encrypted SSL/TLS traffic (with SNI).

Many more improvements where implemented, the Release Notes list them all.

How to get this update? Running instances of the Threat Defender will automatically announce the availability of this update, only a single click is needed to install it.
If you are not yet running Threat Defender for yourself, register for the free trial today and receive the new version!

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