Today, cognitix releases the first Threat Defender update in 2018. This release contains several new features and improvements that make it more effective in protecting networks.

The cognitix Threat Defender now integrates feeds of Indicators of Compromise (IoC). It is the first and only security solution on the market that can monitor these indicators of possible attacks with its reporting system and combats them with the policy engine. That means, the IoC feeds are directly attached to the policies and can process them without delays.

We also implemented the tracking and matching of MAC addresses. This way, you can apply policies to actual devices instead of IP addresses allowing for precise and targeted traffic control and whole-device policing.

Furthermore, we enhanced the reporting system with automatic address resolution and other improvements that increase visibility. Now, you gain in-depth insights into your network even more quickly and easily.

For a complete list of the new features and improvements, see the release notes.

If you would like to try out the cognitix Threat Defender, get your 30-Day free trial version here.