Leipzig-based cognitix GmbH released their next-generation firewall Threat Defender.

cognitix GmbH proudly presents Threat Defender. Threat Defender is a high-performance layer 2 cognitive next-generation firewall with inline real-time correlation engine, advanced reporting and dynamic network segmentation.

Our new and innovative technologies provide unique insights into the network and enable better than ever policy enforcement. The powerful and comprehensive reporting system allows for analyzing the network traffic from a large-scale basis down to individual network flows in real time. It provides insights into all network layers including layer 7 protocol and application detection. The inline real-time correlation engine analyses device behavior in real time and reacts to unwanted behavior or changes. Thanks to dynamic network segmentation, assets can be categorized dynamically based on their behavior, making it possible to apply security policies in a more effective way. As layer 2 firewall, Threat Defender is next to invisible in the network and acts as switch for easy integration into networks.  Our high-performance single-pass engine allows for transfer rates of up to 40 Gb/s, even on off-the-shelf multi processor servers.

Due to affordable prices, we democratize network security by enabling even small enterprises to purchase an advanced and high-performance next-generation firewall.

Start the free trial now or find out more about cognitix Threat Defender at www.cognitix.de/TRIAL.

cognitix GmbH is a cybersecurity company, founded in Leipzig in 2014. cognitix fundamentally changes the network security market by offering integrated network security, network intelligence, analytics solutions and products that are easily accessible, affordable and effective. 

Using our experience in the IT security market, we focus on the main features and functionalities needed to analyze your network, identify threats  and protect your network. We believe in our key focus on network security to provide you with the products you need including the features you need.