There are about 6.8 million cyber attacks per day worldwide. The result is an annual economic damage of more than 50 million euros in Germany alone. This trend is increasing. Not to mention the enormous amount of unreported (and undetected!) attacks. 25% of attacks involve internal actors.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, there is one goal that every business owner and all C-level executives share: Do not waste resources.

There are many ways that cyber crime can steal money from your company:

  • Misuse of resources (botnets, crypto mining, etc.)

  • Paralyzing production (DoS attacks such as TDoS or DDoS)

  • Stealing your data (malware, backdoors, stolen credentials, capture stored data)

Threats and threat actors are hard to detect. Especially when the enemy is an internal actor. Almost every traditional security approach focuses on the perimeter. Only a few of the available products (e. g. firewalls) are a match for the truly dangerous threats.

So, what if you could act before an attack happens?

The average time for an attack to be detected is between 98 and 197 days. Sufficient time for a cyber criminal to steal data, compromise your network or exploit your valuable assets.

To successfully counteract and prevent attacks, it helps to know when you’re being targeted in the first place. cognitix Threat Defender enhances its IPS capabilities with IoC feeds to identify a range of possible attacks. This threat intelligence is used in conjunction with behavior-based rules and inline real-time correlation to prevent these attacks. Threat Defender introduces a paradigm shift by applying IoCs in real time to the security policies.

How does it save money?

  1. cognitix focuses on securing your network against cyber criminals – externally as well as internally. So you can stay focused on your core business.
  2. Threat Defender uses the data plane development kit (DPDK) to get the most out of the hardware. You don’t need expensive oversized systems anymore.
  3. Use cognitix Threat Defender to complement your existing security and you will benefit from lowering your total cost of ownership. Instead of upgrading your hardware and licenses every year due to increasing bandwidth or computing requirements, we help you to keep utilizing your existing IT landscape (and reduce costs).
  4. Next-generation analyzing identifies unnecessary redundancies and provides deep insights into your network structure. cognitix supports you in optimizing your IT.
  5. Dynamic network objects are the perfect digital realization of your company security policies. The risk of internal attacks is reduced to virtually zero. A user is automatically only given the access rights and resources that are required (“need-to-know principle”).
  6. Botnets and crypto miners do not even have a chance to compromise your network and steal resources from your valued company assets.